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Oct. 12, 2017
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Flowers don't bloom all year round, so neither should you. 

Just like flowers, we don't have to be at our very best every single day. Sometimes we have our off days—the days we don't feel good about ourselves and just want to wilt away. Things bring us down in everyday life: family struggles, flawed relationships. But it's a duty to ourselves to stay strong and never give up. Stay solid in the dirt.

And then, on other days, we burst and bloom with color and stand tall, feeling as though we can conquer anything. These are the days when we are at our best, the days we are excited to show ourselves off to the world. But these days would not be possible without all the other days that came before it.

On any given day, some of the flowers in a garden will bloom, while others will wilt. It can be hard to resist the temptation to hold yourself to another’s standard, but you must never compare yourself to the other flowers in the garden that have a different colour or shape. Some people are like roses, while others are like daisies—but we are all beautiful.