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PHOTO SERIES: first love

Jan. 22, 2018
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This series explores the theme of first loves and attempts to celebrate the sweetness and dreaminess of being in love—the stages, feelings, and thoughts that propel you into a space where you smile at the thought of their name and blush when they text you.

Each image represents an aspect of the emotions that are commonly associated with love, the pineapple being a metaphor for the turbulent rollercoaster that love sometimes is: it can be sweet and warm but also sour and spiky. It can be something you cherish, yet it has the tendency to hurt you. It can leave your tongue itchy but keep you wanting more. It can be a fruit that never becomes ripe enough for you to even taste, like loves that are not reciprocated or are never expressed.

The Sweet Hearts: are symbols of fleeting moments in a relationship: sugary during, but disappearing after a short period. They can sometimes last long, if you don’t consume them immediately, and can evoke different flavours and feelings: some say, "I love you," and others don’t.

The fruits are a representation of the different kinds of loves people talk about: sweet and spiky, like a pineapple; tangy and sour, like an orange; soft and sugary, like a pear.

And this picture: this is a representation of the beginning of a love story when you can’t stop thinking about someone, wonder what they are thinking about, and spend your time hoping they will eventually love you back.

Photographer: Alia Romagnoli Ajjampur | @a8lia
Model: Khing Kriengkomol |