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Femme colour

Jun. 12, 2018
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I was 13 when I really started to learn about myself—that I liked boys and girls. I remember my first crush. She was amazing. She was like a flower. She gave me butterflies a way no one has. She wore her hair natural at a time when I was insecure about mine. She had skin like nutmeg, eyes like almonds, and full lips the color of a pink rose. She was a lot of things I wasn’t, but yet we had a lot in common. She was perfect to me. I never knew if she felt the same way or if she was into girls or not—I never brought it up. We remained friends. But I will always remember her. Knowing her was the same moment that I began knowing my sexuality. This series not only shows my confidence and pride in my sexuality, but my deep love for and appreciation of black women. I found this especially important since being a gay or bisexual African American is frowned upon. This series is for those two girls in middle school: the crush and the girl who found herself. This series is for the black femmes and their very real love.