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Feels is one of the best festivals the Bay Area has to offer

Jul. 4, 2018
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Feels is an annual music and art festival by Wine and Bowties rooted in Oakland and the Bay Area of California. With a mostly POC, LGBTQ+, women-led lineup, Feels is a festival where diversity is abundant, recognized, and celebrated.

What’s so cool about Feels is that it puts on local up-and-coming artists like Spellling, Rewina Beshue, Muzae Sesay, Queens D. Light, Jeffery Cheung, and more. Of course, Feels also brought out the star talent with Princess Nokia,Kelis, and Mykki Blanco.

There was this vibe, this wave of synergy, flowing through attendees as people were conversing, sharing, and dancing—it was a welcoming, safe environment.

The art installations were immersive. Zack Fox’s installment was a recreation of his living space as a 14-year-old.

“I had moved to Atlanta a few years prior and experienced my first heartbreaks, fights, orgasms, and meal-less nights struggling through poverty with a single mother,” Fox wrote on Instagram.

Kesh’s installment was hypnotic; her repetitive black and white design drew you in as her artwork took you to another realm.

All in all, Feels is one of the best festivals the Bay Area has to offer.

Here are some portraits of the attendees who rocked the night with their style and grace.