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Stressed? Need some inspo? Give this pep session a try

Jun. 30, 2017
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Feeling stressed? Run-down? In need of some inspiration? Have I got the thing for you! Pep sessions are little pep talks you can read for a boost in your day. You can sit and soak up the pep talk like the underdog teams in ‘90s feel-good sports movies. Breathe in; breathe out: ahhhhh. 

Sounds pretty good, right? Well, don’t just take my word for it: you can try this technique out for yourself--right here, right now--with the pep session I’ve got for you right here. This pep session is about embracing the influence you have on the world by living your life.   

Take a deep breath before you read.

There may be a time where you are questioning: What am I doing? Honestly, everyone questions themselves at least some of the time. No one is 100% certain of their daily life, or how things will pan out. Taking time to ponder who you are can be empowering. Self-reflection serves to reorganize your focus. You need to clear your mind of clutter. Don’t be a pack rat. Slide the problematic things occupying your life out of your way. You have better things to do.

You are part of this world. In this great, vast world we live in, you play a role. I’m not talking about whatever role you pretend to live out--I mean the actual life you live, complete with all the choices you’ve made. As you grow up, living freely seems to come less and less naturally. But why? You should not feel pressured about being who you are, or about making the choices you want to make. All the things you do add to this world. Embrace the fact that your lifestyle impacts others.

Your style. Your laugh. The way you phrase a sentence. The way you greet someone. Your dreams, your fears, and the way you handle both. These attributes and characteristics change the world. You never know how you will impact the life of another person! We all bring something into this world by simply breathing. 

Since we all breathe, it only makes sense we make an effort to positively impact the world.

You may think about how you have lived your life thus far and say, “I want to do more.” Great! But never be hard on yourself for what you have or haven’t done so far. After all, that path has gotten you to where you are today. If you want to get more involved, options and avenues exist all around us: the world needs advocacy, sharing, and listening to help us all live in a more harmonious state. Starting small is fine--actually, it’s necessary! Tasks you view as being small are the building blocks of the larger bridges you will engineer. Explore the many ways you can begin your positive impact. You have a wide horizon of choices. You can choose the way you feel best fits you.

Your lifestyle has influence. The reach of influence varies from person to person, but everyone does have influence. Don’t worry about how far the reach is. Live your life in the best way you can. If everyone breathes, then everyone can make an impact.

Okay, break! Nice pep session. Do you feel uplifted? Refocused? Keep these thoughts with you as you go about your day--and know that, whenever you need a pep talk, this little sermon will be here waiting for you.