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Photo @dolescent member crush: Rachael Rios Rehm

Mar. 28, 2019
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Hey, readers! Our newest Adolescent Member Crush is a killer photographer and a prolific director. Between directing copious music videos, working full time as a PA, and being a signed Adolescent photographer, Rachael Rios Rehm is truly always on her creative grind. Read below to learn about her rigorous editing process and her experience being signed to Adolescent!

Adolescent Content: How has being signed to Adolescent impacted the trajectory and style of your directing work?

Rachael Rios Rehm: I’d say it has given me a platform which has allowed me to reach a different and larger audience from my own platform. It brought in a lot more potential clients and things lately have been picking up speed. It’s all getting exciting because I’m starting to see myself grow.

Adolescent: What do you think separates your work from that of other photographers and directors?

Rachael: I’d say my directing work differs in the way that the stories are “cliche” but approached in new ways. I love classic stories and putting twists on them. I’m a sucker for campy love stories.

Adolescent: You directed the music video for a song called “The Game” last year. Can you tell me what that experience was like?

Rachael: “The Game” was by far one of my easiest and smoothest productions to date. Everything about the project just showed me how far my crew [and I] had come since I really started directing indie projects. It’s made me really excited for my future projects because I feel like I’m finally making the content that I’ve been wanting to produce. I’ve learned so much over the past few years and I now have the skills to pull bigger productions off. I love getting to hire and work with my closest friends. They are all so, so talented. My other and better half Jo Hartzell (production designer) plays a huge role in my success. She’s with me through all the stages of production. The bands we have been working with are also crazy talented. The boys behind Faze Wave/Groove Inn are so cool, and I’m excited to work them in the future again.

Adolescent: What’s your editing process like?

Rachael: So I actually always work with an editor. I think it’s important to take a step back and let someone else try their hand at it. I mean I always, always have a ton of input. We send cuts back and [forth] for probably a little over month until we are satisfied. I always do my own cuts as well. It’s important for me to find moments [to] go through the footage for myself.

Adolescent: What’s next for you?

Rachael: I am currently working on a pilot for this series I’m trying to pump out. It’s exciting because I haven’t really made a short in a while. I also have a few music videos coming up this spring and two this summer booked! So things are coming, slowly but surely! I still work full time on a television show so It’s a struggle to balance. Hopefully soon my PA days will be over and I can focus on directing and shooting full time. That’s the dream!