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Music Diners in a diner: "Bummer Deal" music video premiere

Dec. 7, 2018
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Eating pancakes and drinking a milkshake in broad daylight by yourself… we’ve all been there. Or at least we’ve all felt the feeling that director Ambar Navarro captures and Tyler Broderick emanates while they eat pancakes and order a milkshake in broad daylight by themselves. Watch this music video of Diners in a diner in 8mm for the 50-second track “Bummer Deal”, off their latest album “A Soft Day”. We really love this one!

Diners is a friendly rock ’n’ roll pop song project performed and recorded by Tyler Broderick. 

directed by Ambar Navarro
director of photography 
Max Flick

Check out Diner's music on Spotify and follow them on Instagram, and peep some cute 35mm stills from Max from the shoot below!