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"Digochi" - Babylon [MUSIC VIDEO]

Jun. 2, 2017
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"Digochi" - Babylon [MUSIC VIDEO]

The video for Babylon's "Digochi" mixes contemporary with old school vibes. The themes apparent throughout the video are examinations of our relationship with ourselves, how we view ourselves in the world and how that influences or interacts with our relationships to other people, emotional transactions, and how highly individual people (i.e InDigo Children, which is where the song/song title comes from) navigate and come to terms with their emotional selves when the concept of feelings is often confusing and sometimes alienating.  

It's about how our internal world, the worlds we live in in our heads, interacts with our existence in the real or communal world.

"Queer artist Babylon beds colorful anecdotes with groovy lo-fi beats in their song, Digochi, which explores and confronts notions of identity, desire, and truth. Babylon weaves a suspiciously comfortable nest of lyrical poetry between points of existential crisis and assured self-awareness."

More of Babylon's music can be heard here. "Digochi" was produced by P.SOUL. Check out the video above and let us know what you think.