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Nov. 4, 2017
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The journey through femaleness is something that each woman has experienced on her own, but every woman’s experience carries similarities with those of all the women around her. Women are so often raised to constantly compare themselves to one another: the media is plastered with images and headlines of who is prettiest, smartest, the best at this, better at that. But what if, instead of being envious of one another, women were raised to support one another? Imagine women being encouraged to support each other’s strengths and weaknesses, recognize what makes us the same, but also what makes us so uniquely beautiful and different in each of our own ways. 

Connections aims to embody the deep connection all women share and the embrace of our differences as individuals. While the girls in this series pose all on their own, they are connected by the fabric. They are there to catch and support one another as they fall, but when they stand strong, they stand together. 

The idea originally sprang from the memorable images of Solange’s “Crane’s In The Sky” music video as the photographer listened to the song on a long drive home one evening. The images of female support and togetherness paired perfectly with the photographer’s personal experiences of growing up female to create the vision for these images. To her, the lyrics combined with the images symbolize seeing the flaws in methods often used to treat the sadness women feel when they are lonely, and seeing the benefits of the human connection and relating to those around them who have experienced the same things. For the photographer, speaking to, relating to, and helping other women are some of the best parts about being a woman.  

Models: Ocia G, Lili R, and Devon B