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Colour theory

Apr. 10, 2018
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When we are children, the question “what is your favourite colour?” is deemed an important question in getting to know a new friend. But as we get older, even though we all still have favourite colors, we are less likely to ask each other about them, let alone allow one’s favourite colour define people in our mind.

I was extremely curious about this shift and wanted to delve into it as a young adult by finding out what all of my friends’ favourite colours are and whether they truly define them and their personality. The overall census regarding colours’ significance is that reds and pinks represent love and passion, but dark red represents anger. Gold is a motif for prestige and wealth, yellow means joy, green represents greed and jealousy, blue translates to tranquility, white equals innocence, and black represents death and mystery. I found that these ‘definitions’ are too broad for one’s complex personality, though. It’s like horoscopes—they’re so generic that anyone can relate it to their own experiences. But even though this is inconclusive, it still represents the innocence we have lost and the judgmental mentality that having a favourite colour is childish. However, you can really gain insight into what your friends’ interests are. So I challenge you to ask people what their favourite colour is. You at least might learn what to buy them for their birthday.