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Coachella 2017 Playlist

Apr. 21, 2017
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Who's ready for Coachella season?!

Love it or love to hate it, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has grown into something of a cultural juggernaut: the fashions sported by festivalgoers become the latest trends; the hippest artists in the music industry—large and small alike—use their sets as a testing ground for new material; and no corner of Instagram is safe from the influx of photos depicting suntanned semi-famous girls in macrame bikini tops. It's become so popular that in recent years the festival—once a simple three-day affair—has expanded to encompass two consecutive weekends. That's a lot of offensive Urban Outfitters-branded feather headdresses.

No matter what you think of Coachella, though, you have to admit one thing: this year's lineup is killerKendrick? Shura? Sign us up. And we've got some good news for attendees and skeptics alike: whether or not you went last weekend, plan on going this weekend, have a date on your couch for Saturday night with the festival livestream and a glass of wine, or want nothing to do with any of that Coachella madness, the Adolescent staff has curated just the playlist for you!

Check out our favorites from the lineup, complete with a mix of new songs and classics.

cover art by Richelle Chen :~)