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French made

Hira: Being French is an opportunity that has allowed me to grow up in a comfortable environment and exposed me to different cultures since both of my parents are Malagasy. 

Océane: There's nothing better than being French-Italian-Chinese. A lot of French people are "French but not only French," just like me. It is something I am proud of. Something I value. This kind of diversity is something unique to France. Being French means being able to have a diverse cultural background."

Louise: I am Franco-French with an international background. I have lived in England, Thailand, and Singapore. I am so grateful to have been exposed to different cultures from a young age. Being French in these different countries has made me realize that French culture is influential, important, and contributes to many countries’ cultural diversity (I was in French high schools abroad). Being French means being able to open up and be part of diversity.