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Be prepared: everything to bring with you on your first day of work

Apr. 17, 2017
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Congratulations! You’ve perfected your resume, nailed your interviews, and landed the perfect position. It’s time to show what you’ve got on the first day, so you need to be prepared. Packing the perfect bag is your first step to rocking it at the office. Strut into the office with your organized bag and you’ll be Employee of the Month in no time!    

1. Your essentials bag

via: Cafe Press

Gather an “in case of emergencies” bag filled with deodorant, tampons, powder to control shine,  bobby pins, safety pins, band-aids, prescription medication, or anything else that you may need throughout the day. Be careful not to go overboard and tip into Mary Poppins syndrome, but feeling fresh and comfortable at the office is so important--and you will look more put-together! 

2. A pen and notepad 


Have a pen and notepad will come in handy more often than you think. When a coworker is frantically digging around their desk looking for a pen while on an important call, proffering your pen is a great way to make an office ally. 

3. Your phone

Of course you’re going to bring your phone along with you in your bag, but that’s where it should stay. Pull out your cell to check in with friends and family during breaks, but remain professional and focused on your work during business hours. 

4. A planner

via: Etsy

You’re never going to impress the boss if you forget to write down important meetings and events. There are hundreds of cute planners and stickers on the market to personalize to your liking--it’s like a sticker book for adults! 

5. A light snack 

via: Buzzfeed

It’s hard to crush it at work while hangry. Keeping a granola bar or other bite-sized protein-packed snack in your bag will keep your hunger in check and help you focus on your work. 

Preparing your bag is a crucial step in ensuring office success. Remember, you’ve earned your job. Get in there and rock your new position--you’ve got this!