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An anxious girl’s guide to being prepared for anything

Aug. 7, 2017
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As an extraordinarily anxious human being, I have learned that there are actually one or two good things that can come out of being so anxious. One of these is that I have gotten really good at being prepared for pretty much anything life throws at me. I carry a medium-sized purse/backpack thingy, and it is absolutely full to the brim with stuff I keep with me just in case.  

And let me tell you: the contents of that purse have soothed my troubled mind on more than one occasion.

First up, we have the essentials: tampons, mints/gum, medicine, wallet, keys, phone, hair ties, pens. I always like to keep Tylenol or Advil with me in case of headaches, cramps or other various types of pain. I keep my anti-depressants with me in case I forget to take them, and I keep melatonin with me in case I am in some situation where I need to sleep. 

Next, we have beauty stuff. Maybe it’s wishful thinking that I would ever be this spontaneous, but I like to have a full little kit in case I’m sleeping over at a friend’s house randomly. This includes: makeup, face wash, underwear, deodorant, perfume and dry shampoo—all mini, of course, so none of it takes up too much space in my fairly small bag. 

Another reason I like to have a little kit of makeup is just in case I want to touch up or add to my makeup, or if I’m running late and need to do my makeup in the car. It’s also always a good idea to keep deodorant with you in case you or a friend forgets or needs to reapply.

The miscellaneous stuff in my bag is always fun. I keep up to four lip products in my bag at all times, including lip balms, lipsticks and lipglosses (because I’m a little bit crazy and have a mild lip product addiction). I also like to have a little aromatherapy lavender oil rollerball, which I find calms my anxiety. Sometimes I even have snacks in my bag—you know, for the days I resemble a forty-year-old soccer mom more than a sixteen-year-old girl.

I always have a camera on me, usually a disposable camera. But these days, I’ve been keeping my film camera on me more often (okay, technically it’s my dad’s from about 1987, but I’m the only one who really uses it). This entails a whole other set of objects. I have the camera itself, empty film containers, film containers with used and unused film in them, and a Sharpie to distinguish between the used and unused film.

Oh, and let’s not forget the final touch: I always keep earbuds with me. Listening to music is very calming to me, and sometimes I just need to listen to some music in a car ride or something to feel a little more at peace.

This little backpack is full to the brim, but I love my stuffed purse, and I love being the Mary Poppins of my friend group. And, hey, whenever a crisis arrives, help is only a handbag away!