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Oct. 23, 2017
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Finding a place in the world was a challenge for me. I always used to imagine that one day some extraterrestrial lady would come and take me home to where I belong. In these photos, I wanted to capture the lady that would save me. This lady from beyond the regions of forever would feel as I did on the inside. She'd know what it’s like to feel stared at, watched—what it’s like to know loneliness and to make acquaintances with it. Even though she hasn’t come yet, I have found other extraterrestrial beings to spend time with until she does.  They, too, feel isolated by society. 

I really wanted to focus on my childhood for this piece. I can strongly say that I did not have the best childhood, but I am happy with where I am now. I wanted to capture my pain and the beauty that it led to—the beauty which now inspires me. My friend, Kaitlin, was a super good sport about letting me and my fabulous make-up artist, Ciarra, make her look a little alien-chic. The posing and the makeup work together to create this mirage of a magical, otherworldly creature. Little ten-year-old Sawyer could only have dreamed of someone like this woman coming to rescue him from torment.