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Alice Gray wants you to help choose her next single

Mar. 13, 2019
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Alice Gray wants you to help choose her next single

Alice Gray studied fine arts her entire life. While music was her #1 passion, she kept it a secret hobby, dreaming of a career too demanding and out-of-reach for a quiet introvert.

It wasn’t until her final year of college that she decided to explore her musical interests actively and aggressively. Since then, she has worked her way up, creating a team of talented players to help develop her style as a singer-songwriter.

She currently has four singles, “Pink Cadillac,” “Burn,” “Lay Down,” and "A Little More" out on all streaming platforms, garnering attention from Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist and Wildfox Couture who partnered with Alice for the release of their summer line.

In an effort to involve her fans in the creative process, Alice developed an idea that takes fans behind the scenes as collaborators throughout the rollout of her EP. 

With the help of Slay Sonics, we created a website where fans can unlock two sound bites of unreleased songs and vote on which one they want to be the next single. The winning track will be released in April. 

Future campaigns on the site will feature artwork, merch, and more, and her fans will continue to participate in curating the world of Alice Gray.

Get involved here! Users must have Spotify accounts to access the page.