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Photo Adolescent's round-up of Black artists

Jun. 19, 2020
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In the last few weeks, the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Oluwatoyin Salau, and countless other innocent Black lives lost at the hands of systemic racism and police brutality have sparked outrage and grief that can be felt worldwide. Through protests, rallies, and donations, the world has turned to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Black photographers have always been extremely important throughout history for visually documenting underrepresented stories and narratives. Here at Adolescent Content, we’re striving to amplify and support the voices, work, and backgrounds of Black photographers and directors. All of these artists come from different walks of life and have extremely remarkable, interesting stories that have influenced their art today. We’ve compiled a round-up of the Black photographers and directors that Adolescent represents, and we’re sharing with you all of their unique stories and the amazing visual work they’re creating today. 

Brandon Stanciell

Brandon Stanciell is a Los Angeles-based artist and photographer whose work focuses on reframing and reshaping Blackness and masculinity through self-expression and photography. Some of Stanciell’s best-known photo projects—The Man Who Loved Flowers, Thinker of Tender Thoughts, and 37—focus on themes of Black identity in conjunction with nature and plants. These projects have been featured and documented in i-D, Urban Outfitters' blog, and The Huffington Post. Stanciell is well-known for his love for nature, plants, and flowers, which are themes that he has worked into his projects. His art has been exhibited across Southern California, including the UCSD Art Gallery. Stanciell’s photography seeks to explore all backgrounds of Blackness in America. 

Follow Brandon on Twitter and check out his portfolio!

Bree Holt

Bree Holt is a California-based photographer and the founder of Exquisite Eye Studios. Holt was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, and visual storytelling has always been an integral part of her life. Holt’s Atlanta upbringing greatly influenced her desire to use photography as a way to increase visual representation of Black women in the media. Holt’s photography career has been shaped by her creativity and courage. Toward the end of her first year in college, she decided to leave school to focus on photography professionally. Holt’s photography style is distinctive, colorful, and personal. One of her notable projects was capturing the diverse fashion sense of female skaters in a project for GAP. Her photography has graced the feeds and pages of Vogue Italy, Rolling Out Magazine, FGUK Magazine, Paper Magazine, and more. Since 2013, Holt has been the founder of the brand Exquisite Eye Studios. Between her work at Exquisite Eye Studios and her prolific photography portfolio, Holt is a trailblazer; her talent and drive know no bounds.

Support Bree’s work at Exquisite Eye Studios and catch up with her through social media via her Instagram and Twitter.

Sol Bela

Sol Bela is a photographer based in Barcelona, originally from Equatorial Guinea. Bela’s desire to create a more diverse landscape within media began when she started a fashion blog. She began utilizing her platform to show more Black artists through her photography. Bela’s photography and video work have enabled her to work with Princess Nokia, Converse, Beats by Dre, Polaroid Originals, Vice, and many more. In 2019, Bela traveled back to Bioko, Guinea Equatorial, to create her Bioko Blues series. Bela partnered with Nigerian designer Wekafore on this project, exploring primitive futurism and the experience of being African but growing up abroad. In Bioko Blues, Bela connects with her home while uplifting and sharing the experiences of Black, Muslim, Latinx, and Asian people. 

Keep up with Sol Bela on her website and Instagram!

Amarie Baker

Amarie Baker is a New York City-based social media strategist and visual artist. Baker’s mediums include collage art, writing, film, and digital photography. Her photography is filled with dream-like colors and hues. Baker’s film work—ranging from 35mm film photography to Super 8 film—truly captures the range of her talent. She’s been featured in Refinery29, North Face, Free People, She Shreds Magazine, and more. Baker is also the founder of the binar bb collective, an art collective for women of color. Her inspiration for creating binar bb collective stemmed from her appreciation of having a space for “all women and queer and non binary folks of color working together to create something special.” As the director and founder of binar bb collective, Baker aims to offer a collaborative, welcoming place for folks in photography. 

Follow Amarie on Instagram and Twitter, and check out her amazing portfolio!

Myles Loftin

Myles Loftin is a freelance photographer and recent graduate of Parsons School of Design in New York City. His photography practice spans from portraiture to fine art to fashion photography. His work seeks to explore themes about Blackness, identity, and representation. In 2016, Loftin created the photo and video series HOODED, which seeks to humanize and decriminalize the image of a Black boy or man dressed in a hoodie. HOODED also seeks to address and debunk societal stereotypes and negative media portrayals of Black men. Loftin’s work has been featured in Buzzfeed, Vice, Nylon, The Washington Post, and more. He has also spoken at Yale University and Ludlow House in New York City. In 2020, Loftin was listed in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Arts and Style list. 

Check out Myles’ awesome portfolio, and keep up with him on Instagram and Twitter!

Laura Alston

Laura Alston is a New York-based multidisciplinary artist. Alston graduated from Columbia University with a visual art degree, and has also studied at Central Saint Martins and London College of Communication. Alston’s interest in photography sparked during her first year in college, as she loved capturing her friends and memories on disposable cameras. Alston’s photography is centered on Black joy, wellness, and identity. Her work has been exhibited across the world from New York City to London, Los Angeles, Paris, and more. Alston’s photography clients have included The Vanity Group, Wildkat, Radikal Queen, and more. Her photography series As Laid As It’s Tied and I Hold My Own Hands have been featured in i-D. Currently, Alston runs her own creative agency called Artfullyours, through which she works with clients worldwide to present creative solutions within photography, graphic design, social media, production, and marketing. 

Follow Laura’s Instagram and check out her website!

Logan Delaney 

Logan Delaney is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker and photographer. His photography focuses on fashion, portraiture, and concepts. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Delaney got started with photography and video work when he was in college. His goal in photography is to bring diversity and inclusivity to his projects, and in turn, inspire a future generation of artists to keep creating honest and diverse art. Delaney’s portrait series #YoureMyYellow offers beautiful portraits of his friends and family. For Delaney, the color yellow has always symbolized joy and platonic love. #YoureMyYellow has been featured on Urban Outfitters’ blog. Delaney has also shot for Flaunt Magazine, Plant Bomb, and Nessy Swimwear. 

Connect with Logan’s website and Instagram and Twitter here! 

Tenny Rudolph 

Tenny Rudolph is a film photographer from Jacksonville, Florida, currently based in Los Angeles. Rudolph’s work is focused on people of color and visually captures the unique stories and backgrounds of young people today. His work is inspired by his desire to break societal standards. In 2019, Rudolph released two photo books titled In My Head and With Love. The former was also featured in an exhibit presented by Art Republic in Florida. Rudolph’s photography—specifically his portrait work—is evocative, insightful, and original. Rudolph has collaborated with Converse Style, Adidas Originals, and Getty Images on a number of projects. Beyond photography, Rudolph is also a talented R&B singer and videographer. 

Tenny’s books are available to purchase on his website. Connect with his Instagram and Twitter, and listen to his music on Spotify!

Levi Walton 

Levi Walton is a visual artist based in Brooklyn, born and raised in Panama City. Walton shoots analog and digital, and he focuses on editorial, documentary, and portrait photography. Walton’s photography has been featured in Rolling Stone, Dazed Magazine, Suspend Magazine, and many more publications. In 2020, Walton photographed Reebok’s Pride campaign. Walton has also worked with Opening Ceremony x Air Jordan, using Super 8 film and 4K footage on a video lookbook, which featured champion basketball player Russell Westbrook. Weston’s commercial clients include Coach, Converse, Depop, and more. Recently, Walton released a video project titled Models in Quarantine, which offers a glimpse at how young creatives in New York City are coping with social distancing and lockdown measures amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keep in touch with Levi on his website and Instagram!

Codie Monowi

Codie Monowi is a photographer, videographer, and creative director based in New York City and Southern Maryland. Monowi’s photography style centers on capturing the subject’s unique character, and working with colors and composition. In 2015, Monowi collaborated with Jessica Udeh and Anisa McGowan on an art show entitled Seeing Sounds. The show was exhibited at The Fridge in Washington, D.C., and featured live music and performance. Monowi is a versatile artist who has risen through the ranks at VFILES—from working as a studio tech to a production assistant, and eventually progressing to a Junior Editor and Camera Operator. Monowi managed all this while working on freelance projects. He has worked with Spotify, Sprite, Timex, and more. Some of his photography projects have included Science of Apparel and FILA x Akomplice. This year, Monowi is working on a video series project entitled POTENTIAL:INTERMISSION.

Check out Codie’s website, Instagram, Vimeo, and YouTube.

Salim Garcia 

Salim Garcia is an Afro-Latinx artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. Garcia is a photographer whose work has been published in Urban Time Magazine, The Luna Collective, C41 Magazine, Art Box ATL, and more. Garcia’s early photography is notable for its dream-like quality and vibrant hues, such as his photo series Dreamgaze. Some of Garcia’s other projects and collaborations include Abra for Urban Outfitters, Summer of Horses for FEI (International Federation of Equestrian Sports), and multiple series for Cult Classic Magazine’s 4th issue. Garcia believes that “cultural change is fueled by art,” and is passionate about how “films are at the forefront of cultural change and they are crucial to the revolution.” 

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Brandie Wedderburn 

Brandie Wedderburn is a photographer from Los Angeles. Photography has always been a crucial and important medium of documenting memories for her. Wedderburn shoots both film and digital. Her work has graced the pages of V Magazine, Polyester Zine, and Creative Boom Magazine. Her photography offers portraits, group shots, fashion, and more. She has shot videos for Converse and Adidas. Beyond photography, Brandie also runs Shop Brandie, which contains a lookbook of photography, the cutest and coolest apparel, and a one-stop-shop for your film photography needs. 

Check out Brandie’s Instagram!

Rochelle Brockington 

Rochelle Brockington is a size-inclusive photographer born and raised in Brooklyn. Her main focuses in photography are capturing women and exploring beauty, fashion, identity, and femininity. Brockington’s goal is to create art that is inclusive to all and represents what she wishes she’d seen growing up. She’s shot for Refinery29’s beauty section, Polaroid, and Converse. Brockington has been featured in Paper Magazine, Interview Magazine, Vice, Nylon, and more. Her series focus on representing all body sizes and creating an honest and inclusive space for everyone in media. Brockington is also a recent graduate of the Creative Practice One-Year Program at the International Center of Photography. 

Follow Rochelle’s Instagram here and check out her portfolio!

Felicia McGowan 

Felicia McGowan is a photographer, stylist, and filmmaker currently based in Los Angeles. She’s a graduate of New York University, where she studied film and child psychology. McGowan is well-versed in photography and video work, and focuses on shooting youth and children. Her photo essays are all insightful glimpses at adolescent experiences in the suburbs. She’s shot for Creatable World, the first released line of gender-neutral dolls by Mattel. Her work has also been featured in Babiekins Magazine and Hooligans Magazine. Recently, McGowan created a virtual anti-racist Zoom workshop to address the Black Lives Matter protests and anti-black biases. 

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