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Photo @dolescent member crush: Neige

May. 16, 2019
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This is a new weekly series where we feature our incredibly talented Adolescent members and their work! Sign up here to join the Adolescent Membership and be part of the @ family!

This week, our Adolescent Member Crush is none other than Sniéjana, AKA Neige—a half-French, half-Russian photographer based in France. Since studying in the infamous Art School of Bordeaux, she’s had her work featured in two exhibitions and Dissolving Film Mag. Read below to learn more about Neige’s experience mentoring under a renowned Parisian photographer and how much she actually enjoyed art school!

Adolescent Content: What was it like working with photographer Grégoire Eloy in Paris? What was your relationship like?

Neige: At the time, I was [really interested in learning what photography is like behind the scenes]. I wanted to understand every aspect of it, and how hard it can be. I’m still thinking about his advice two years later.

Adolescent: What do you think distinguishes or defines French photography?

Neige: I don’t know if I’m able to speak about it generally. What can I say is that from my experience, I’m really inspired by German, English, and American photographers. I think we love to work on conceptual photography, [especially for those who went to art school here in France].

Adolescent: You went to the Art School for Bordeaux for two years—tell me a bit about it!

Neige: When I was 10, I was sure that I’d be a professional photographer—I had no doubt about it. So I decided to go to art school after I graduated, since that’s what my mother had done and was what my ex-girlfriend wanted to do. I had this feeling that it was the right choice. But instead of finding great answers about how to find work as a young artist or how to be organized in my work, I actually didn’t find anything deeply interesting. I was so disappointed, and that’s why I ultimately went to work with Gregoire.

Adolescent: When you shoot, are you more focused on concept or aesthetics?

Neige: I think both are really important. I love working with colors and shadows, and I also love working on narration—how can I tell a story through my photos?

Adolescent: You’ve had your work shown in two galleries. What were those processes like?

Neige: I’m mostly working with one French gallery that was created by a friend of mine. We’re always working to find ways to show young people’s artwork outside of social media. It isn’t easy, especially because of competition and the fact that we both do other things.