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Photo @dolescent member crush: Nat Souza

Dec. 24, 2019
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This is a weekly series where we feature our incredibly talented Adolescent members and their work! Sign up here to join the Adolescent Membership and be part of the @ family!

This week’s Adolescent Member Crush is Nat Souza, a 20-year-old photographer, director, and professional Muppets stan. Based in LA, Nat has done it all: they’ve worked with Dorian Electra, King Princess, Converse, Dr Martens, Paper Magazine, and other big names. We talked to Nat about being repped by Adolescent, puppeteering, and finding inspiration in queer people.

Adolescent Content: When did you start stanning the Muppets? Does that play into your work at all?

Nat Souza: I’ve loved the Muppets ever since I was very, very young. I was influenced by my older brother, since he also loves Jim Henson’s work. My love for them definitely plays into my work. From the colors to the fun sets to the diverse characters, right down to the philosophy of Henson himself, everything about the Muppets inspires me. I hope to make some puppet productions in the near future.

Adolescent: Tell me about your experience being an art director and 1st AC.

Nat: Being an art director is truly so fun. I love having creative control of a set and props. I have such an affinity for good production design. And ACing is definitely great for me, considering I really want to be a DP forever. I love being an AC because you learn a lot and you feel like you’re an important asset to the production even though it may seem like a small role.

Adolescent: How has being represented by Adolescent informed the trajectory or style of your work?

Nat: Being represented by Adolescent has helped me a lot! I love commercial work as well, so when I found them I was like, “What? This exists?!” It’s so great because I feel like I don’t have to compromise my work style at all. Adolescent has opened a lot of doors for me and taught me so much.

Adolescent: Your work is so diverse—you’ve puppeteered, worked on music video sets, and photographed music festivals. Do you ever feel like you’re spreading yourself too thin by taking on so many different projects and mediums?

Nat: Sometimes I feel like I’m spreading myself too thin. I haven’t had much time for personal projects lately because I’ve been doing so much for other people. But I can’t complain! I’m so grateful for everyone I’ve met and worked with in the last year. And on the other hand, it is a plus to be interested in and taking on so many things because I’m always ready for anything. I feel like a Nat of All Trades most of the time.

Adolescent: Where do you find inspiration?

Nat: Horror movies, cartoons, nature, vintage ads, Los Angeles, toys and miniatures, the Muppets, modern art, my queer friends, queer people in general, and my cat.