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Photo @dolescent member crush: Emma Fernandez

Oct. 17, 2019
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Hey, Adolescent readers! This week, we want to introduce you to Emma Fernandez—a Korean-Filipina photographer and director based in New York City. Incorporating nostalgia and storytelling into her work, Emma has directed everything from sunny commercial work to abstract short films. This week, we asked her about attending the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, her favorite project, and what it’s like being signed to Adolescent.

Adolescent Content: How does your Korean-Filipino background affect your work?

Emma Fernandez: It provides context to my work that surrounds my relationship with my family. To get out of a creative rut, I often will look at old family photographs and try to make stories up about the people in them. For example, my grandparents’ photographs from when they were my age look so familiar and similar to me—yet I know very little about who they are, so I end up making up the rest.

Adolescent: Can you tell me what your life was like as a student at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA)?

Emma: I graduated this year! My four years there allowed me to gain a solid foundation of storytelling through film. Now I attend Parsons for photography.

Adolescent: A lot of your video work—especially The Sound Strings and Faces in particular—feels very nostalgic. How do you achieve that kind of effect? And at what point in the process do you think that happens?

Emma: I think the nostalgia often comes from wanting to exude a specific emotion. I want the emotion to resemble something fleeting, but as if it was extended and explored.

Adolescent: What’s your favorite project you’ve ever done?

Emma: I’m not sure what my favorite project is… But every time I work with my friend Mia of @5nakeye5 on a photo shoot, I have the best time.

Adolescent: How has being represented by Adolescent informed your work?

Emma: It’s been a transformative experience, as it allowed me to take a step into working professionally with clients. Richelle and Alli have been great mentors and always give the best notes.