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Photo @dolescent member crush: Alexsey Reyes

Jul. 4, 2019
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Hi, Adolescent! This week, we want to introduce you to Alexsey Reyes—a Dallas-based photographer and our newest Member Crush. To say the least, Alexsey perpetually keeps busy: he’s the founder of Teenscreate, has been published by the likes of Pulse Spikes and Thought Catalog, is signed to Adolescent Content, and has worked with companies as massive as Netflix. We talked to Alexsey about being an Instagram ambassador, young people finally being celebrated, and what adulthood has in store for him.

Adolescent Content: Can you tell me a little about Teenscreate?

Alexsey Reyes: Teenscreate is a project I started about two years ago in hopes to motivate and show others that it is possible to be creative and do what makes you happy as long as you work for it. We feature all sorts of talent and share stories of those who need to be heard. We focus on those who have built their businesses and turned hobbies into full-time jobs all by themselves. Teenscreate is a place to learn, grow, and share your life with others.

Adolescent: I feel like we’re in the midst of this moment where teenagers are finally being taken seriously and asked to do real, important work—but at the same time, you’re seeing the token “young person” show up in events, commercials, and so on. How do you walk that line of being celebrated without being commodified?

Alexsey: I love seeing change in how teens are viewed In the industry. I think it’s so important to not be judged based off how old you are or what you look like, and instead base it off talent and work ethic. Knowing that I can make a difference through my work is what really matters.  

Adolescent: I saw on your profile that you’re an Instagram ambassador! What kind of work does that constitute?

Alexsey: Yes! I became an Instagram ambassador about two years ago, and being a part of this program has been life-changing. I’ve gotten to travel with Instagram and be involved in the coolest events, like Instagram’s first ever Coachella house—Desert Chill. One of my favorite parts is being able to give a teen’s perspective on the app. I get to suggest new ideas and meet new people, it’s been so much fun.

Adolescent: It’s insane that you got to work with Netflix last summer! Can you tell me about the process?

Alexsey: Working with Netflix was an absolute dream. I had the [opportunity to shoot] Shannon Purser and Noah Centineo for Netflix’s #glamsthetic series. It was a four-hour shoot where I got to be as creative and experimental as I wanted, which is the absolute best! 

Adolescent: You just graduated from high school—congratulations! What’s next for you?

Alexsey: Thank you! Yes, I graduated high school early back in February. I joined an online program to graduate early and focus on my craft. I’m working my hardest and trying to make photography my full-time job, and I’d love to pursue it as a career. Growing up I was always told college was what I needed to do and that there was no other way to be successful. But as I got older I learned that my definition of success isn’t the same as the person next to me. I know that with hard work and dedication I can accomplish whatever it is I want.