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A D.I.Y. guide to making a witchy pentagram

Jun. 5, 2017
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A symbol originating over 8,000 years ago, the witch’s pentagram is an image loaded with spiritual meaning. In essence, it represents the way in which we interact with the world on five levels, represented by each point of the star. The top point represents spirit, and then moving clockwise, the following points represent water, fire, earth, and air.  Traditionally, if the star is pointed upwards, it is the witch’s symbol, and if it points downwards (towards Hell), it is Satan’s symbol.  

This powerful and protective symbol can be found in many a modern witch’s house, in various different forms. While simply hanging the symbol in one’s home is a spell of sorts, it is all the more potent and personal when the user makes the symbol herself. The materials and intention used in its creation are all the more important. Using small tree branches and sticks gathered from a forest, or driftwood from a beach, will harness the powers of the earth and the other elements to aid you in your witchy path. 

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Here’s how to make your own witch’s pentagram out of twine and found wood:

  1. Gather wood in a natural setting: in a forest, beside a river, on a beach, in the desert, or even in your neighborhood park. Choose sticks that are light, as straight as possible, and the same length. You’ll need five, but feel free to collect some extras to see which ones fit your pentagram best. 
  2. Lay them out on the ground in the shape of a five-pointed star, with the fifth point facing upward. Overlap the ends of the sticks so that each end is resting on top of the intersecting end. Feel free to adjust the sticks and reorder them, to see which ones fit best together. 
  3. Find some twine made out of whatever texture, color, and material you find most attractive or magically powerful. Start at any point where two sticks intersect, and wrap the twine around them tightly, binding them together. Move around the pentagram, securely binding each tip of the star. Next, move around the inside of the pentagram, tying the intersections in the middle of the star, so that every place two sticks cross is tied. 
  4. Find the best location to display your star--whether it’s above your altar of other magical space, in your garden, or in your bedroom. Hang it from the top point of the star with a piece of twine, and feel its magical power uniting earth, air, fire, water, and spirit.