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3 Entertainer-Turned-Writer Books To Look Out For

Sep. 13, 2016
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Internet entertainers have never been bound to just one medium. Thanks to YouTube, Vine, Twitter, Instagram, and so many other platforms that allow users to put out content of many different mediums, it's hard to label an Internet mogul with just one occupation. Viner Jeffrey Marsh and YouTubers Hannah Witton and Lilly Singh have all added 'author' to their long list of accomplishments with their recent announcements of book releases. These Internet stars are bringing their talents and messages from the screen to the page to encourage audiences worldwide to embrace being who they are.

Jeffrey Marsh, How To Be You

Vine star Jeffrey Marsh is known worldwide for their uplifting messages. They are always encouraging their viewers to love themselves and that each and every person is valid. Jeffrey themself is genderqueer, and is often reaching out to the LGBTQ+ community to embrace their identities, even if they are not 100% sure what that identity may be. Their vines could warm the coldest of hearts and are full of such light and positivity.

Now they're releasing a book to spread just as much joy as their 6-second videos. How To Be You is about embracing who you are, and acts as a guide for readers to become more comfortable in their own skin. The book is full of short stories, anecdotes, and interactive activities to get the readers involved and for them to truly see that you are not alone. 

Check out a clip of Marsh reading an excerpt from their book here:

How To Be You is set to release August 2nd 2016. To find out more information and to pre-order the book, head to

Hannah Witton, Doing It

YouTube star Hannah Witton is far from shy talking about sex. From health facts to personal anecdotes of her own sex life, her YouTube channel is chock full of information for viewers to educate themselves on sex and sexual health. Not only does she speak about sex, she also vlogs about books, life advice, and feminism, and encourages viewers to become more educated on these important issues.

Now Witton is taking that from the Internet screen to an actual book, very appropriately titled Doing It. It will be aimed at teens and young adults discussing sex and sexual health, relationships, consent, LGBTQ+, body image, and much more. The book is in its very early stages, but Witton plans to include personal anecdotes, advice from both herself and guest writers, and a hand-drawn diagram of a vulva or two.

You can share in Witton's excitement in her announcement video here: 

Though Doing It has no official release date yet, it is expected to be released in April of 2017. To find out more information, head to

Lilly Singh, How To Be a Bawse

Actress, YouTuber, and all around entertainer Lilly Singh has amassed millions of subscribers from her hilarious sketches on YouTube. She touches on pop culture and shares relatable anecdotes, and is especially known for her sketches involving her playing a fictionalized version of her parents. Going by the alias IISuperwomanII, she lives up to the name, inspiring, encouraging, and engaging with her audience. 

Though she mostly focuses on humor on her channel, Singh often touches on her struggles with her mental health in the past, and how hard she worked to get where she is today. In her book How To Be a Bawse, rather than expounding all of the details of her struggles, she is using the platform to help lift readers out of the rut that she experienced as well. The book will act as a guide for readers to understand their true potential, how to get up when you've been knocked down, and how to fight your own worst enemy- yourself.

Check out Singh's epic book announcement here: 

How To Be a Bawse is set to release March 28, 2017. To find out more information or pre-order the book, head to

Cover Image by Hana Haley