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10 Intersectional Feminist YouTubers

Oct. 12, 2016
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“But Fran, surely all feminists are intersectional?” In a world where we are more progressive than ever, you’d think that was the case, but alas, it isn’t. YouTube, however, can be a beautiful source of awesome intersectionality. Coincidentally or not, women are making the intersectional feminist videos that we want and need to be watching.  So, without further babble, please give your love and time to these sirens of success, these utter champions, the YouTube Feminists that you should be watching. 

Riley J. Dennis

Riley is a super laid-back, matter of fact speaker. Her videos highlight many social upsets with a smart, calm approach. She writes for Everyday Feminism and makes videos on her self-titled channel. I for one am filled with glee and the thought of what she has coming next. 

Kat Blaque

Two words: True Tea. True Tea is a series on Kat’s channel where she answers questions from her viewers with ‘brutal honesty’.  Her honesty to me is a ton of things: powerful, insightful, and beautifully voiced. Because her viewers are such a diverse bunch, the questions often take us into feminist chats and perspectives that are too often unheard of. 

Meghan Tonjes

Meghan is awesome. She’s the force of nature that created #bootyrevolution and damn, if debated points were stars, then her sky would be lit. She is genuine and powerful and so thoughtful; she just gets it.

Rowan Ellis

When I think of Rowan, I think of a wall being hammered, because she is nailing it. Rowan often discusses LGBTQ+ issues and sexism on her channel. Whilst tackling these heavy subjects, Rowan remains friendly, considerate, and on point. Decorate your mind with her knowledge.

Laci Green

Laci Green is a queen. Laci is a pretty old school YouTuber who has carried on gloriously in the face of heavy backlash. Whether you watch her on the MTV YouTube channel Braless or on her own self-titled channel, you’re gonna learn a thing or five or fifteen in the space of minutes. She’s got a kind approach that leaves you feeling hugged and nourished with education. 

Franchesca Ramsey

Franchesca is someone who can be spotted also on MTV’s YouTube channel and her own. Honestly, her patience and humor is stunning. What shines through most in her videos is her ability to hear and discuss all sides without fear. 


Marina gives off such April Ludgate vibes with a dash of her own complexity and insight into feminism. With an abundance of research, she spoon feeds people the sweetest power: the knowledge to be better to others. 

Leena Norms

Leena Questions-the-Norms Norms is truly inquisitive. Her series “Questions with Leena” covers a lot of intersectional topics and each episode features an interesting guest. Learning and growing is always a challenge, but Leena continues to lighten the strain.


Jess is someone to be known. Jess uses humor and her fuel for change to give you a damn good point of view. Her power is a wonder and I cannot get enough of her words. Start your mind on this workout, get energized, and use your new found power to conquer oppression.


Ahsante is an essential asset to your life. Her creative edge on social issues makes the message stick with you all the more. Give her a watch, and I’m sure you’ll pass her words on.

Cover Image via Ahsante Bean