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Your Weekly Briefing: Let's talk about gun control

Feb. 27, 2018
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Your Weekly Briefing: Let's talk about gun control

Need help keeping abreast of new developments in our mile-a-minute political landscape? Isobel is back in action and here to report the latest current events from this week! Every week, Isobel will cut through the chaos and break down the facts surrounding the latest crazy story dominating the news cycle—from one adolescent to another.

This week, Isobel is here to parse the issue that's on everyone's mind right now: gun control. In the aftermath of the recent Parkland massacre, survivors of the shooting are leading the nation in a massive push for gun safety reform. On the other side of the debate? The NRA and... well, honestly, that's pretty much it. Want to know more? Watch Isobel break it down.