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Your June 19 news briefing

Jun. 19, 2017
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Start your week off by getting informed with this week's briefing:

1.Bill Cosby Trial Declared a Mistrial
Bill Cosby is one of the most influential and powerful comedians of the past half century. He was, and is, an icon and a symbol for a generation of people who grew up with very little media representation.
He is also an alleged sexual predator. Nearly 60 women have accused Cosby of attempt to sexually assault them in ways such as; drugging them, inappropriately touching them, assaulting them, and of raping them. Theses accusations stretch back all the way to the mid 1960’s and up until 2008. The trial took place in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. If convicted, Cosby faced a maximum of ten years jail time for each charge. He remained free until the trial on a one million dollar bail...

2. Can Prime Minister Theresa May Survive Dismal Election Results?
In an unprecedented turn of events, an election that was designed to secure her position as Prime Minister has left Theresa May facing possible loss of her leadership role. To Ms. May’s surprise, the conservative party no longer holds the majority of seats. In hopes of saving her position as Prime Minister, May is said to be negotiating with the minority democratic party, which is considered to be her only hope of sustaining power. Ms. May made a brief statement in front of 10 Downing Street, choosing not to reference the dismal results of the election or its reflection on her leadership. Rather she continued to turn her focus to exiting the European Union with an emphasis on creating a government of “friends and allies.”...

3.Should the Government be Controlling What We Eat?
On September 13, 2012, New York City’s Board of Health passed a rule banning super sized sugar filled drinks in restaurants, concession stands, etc. The ban passed would place a limit of 16-ounces on cups of sugary sodas and sweetened beverages beginning in March 2013. It would apply to restaurants, fast food chains, theaters, delis, and so forth. The governments choices and regulations aren't hurting people. On the contrary, their efforts are for the purpose of making the population healthier. The boards, and city health officials are taking that step in creating a healthier diet for all, because a lot of people aren't doing it themselves...

4. Federal Court Rules Against Travel Ban
January 27th of 2017, President Trump signed an executive order, known as the “travel ban”. This ban kept refugees and immigrants from 7 different predominantly muslim countries from entering the U.S. Sudan, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, and Yemen were the 7 countries affected from the ban. The order was never actually officially run through by the Justice Department, and this led to much confusion. Even U.S. citizens who had been visiting either of the 7 countries banned were not able to return to the United States.Now on June 12th, another federal court has ruled against the travel ban, and used Trump’s tweets to prove their argument.