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The Syrian crisis: how you can help

Apr. 10, 2017
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Last week, Trump launched missiles on a vacated Syrian airfield, and by the end of the day the threat of World War Three was all anyone could talk about. With the entire country swept up in war-theatre fervor, though, it’s easy to lose track of what's important: at the heart of all this is the fact that Syria is experiencing the worst humanitarian crisis of our lifetime. It’s heartbreaking to watch the tragedy, then watch world leaders use it as an excuse to wave weapons at each other, all without our being able to do anything. Except we can do something--and we must. Regardless of your feelings on American intervention, there are ways for us to spread the word and get involved to help the Syrians currently suffering. Here are some ideas:

1. Keep pressure on Trump and the U.S. government to walk the walk.

Trump’s performance of sympathy for Syria last week caused many people (and many major newspapers) to talk about his “change of heart”--but he’s still trying to ban Syrian refugees from the country. Don’t allow Trump’s military fireworks display to overshadow his administration’s anti-humanitarian actions, and make sure to keep up the pressure against the travel ban.

2. Spread awareness/information via social media

As fake news is currently cycling through America, we must share reliable and crucial information through social media handles. Spreading the word about what is going on will enable people to also get involved. Social media is a great way to raise awareness, but it’s also important to be careful about what we are posting. Stay culturally appropriate, and make sure to keep the focus on the refugees, using real facts rather than an overload of opinions.

3. Donate and help fundraise

There are many organizations working tirelessly to help the refugees, and the easiest way to help would be to donate. Red Cross, White Helmets, Save the Children, and Unicef are all great nonprofits to support. If you aren’t able to personally give money to these charities, you could volunteer, or help them fundraise, which are both very valuable ways of investing time in these organizations. 

4. Stay informed--and keep your eye on the prize

This may be the most obvious one, but it’s extremely important. Stay up-to-date on any news involving Syria--and make sure to separate news of American military involvement from actual updates on the humanitarian tragedy. Just because time passes doesn’t mean the crisis does as well. Continue posting, sharing, and fighting for the rights of Syrian citizens and refugees--it’s up to us to provide a voice for those whose voices have been taken.