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The Adolescent spring fashion guide: trends

Apr. 4, 2017
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A new year, a new style--and now that spring is upon us, it's time to talk about fashion for Spring 2017. Spring this year is a season for trying completely new things and taking big risks. There are specific trends arising this season that do both of those. While past Spring wardrobes have consisted of much more ‘safe’ and simple looks, this season's trends are anything but. Everything at Fashion Week this year was different, new, and extremely refreshing. From weird color combos to unique hemming/lining, keep reading for our list of the biggest, most unpredicted trends of Spring 2017. 

(image via Zara)

1. Asymmetrical Lining 

A new craze as of late has been anything asymmetrical, from shirts to dresses--and, more recently, even pants. This can make a look seem chicer and more expensive. 

(image via Storets)

2. Sets

Matching miniskirt-and-jacket sets are super cute, and they've been making a big comeback. These can be done with cool fabrics like tweed, or they can be kept simple--but no matter what, the look gives off that school girl/power girl vibe in the sweetest way. 

(image via Reformation)

3. Off the Shoulder

The off-the-shoulder trend may be the oldest on the list, but it is probably the most timeless. The innocent and sweet show of your shoulders creates a fun and classy look without ever feeling like too much. This can be done on both dresses and shirts--both options look equally cute!

(image via Reformation)

4. Cool and innovative fabrics

There have been complete shifts in the fabrics we see from the runway, to the streets. Previous and ‘safe’ fabrics have been tossed aside this season, as some new innovative ones have been rising to the spotlight. Tweed and satin are particular fabrics that immediately make any look more sophisticated and stylish by going with ‘less is more’.

(image via Shopbop)

5. Cascading Ruffles

The simple and sweet addition of ruffles is both fashion-forward and innocent. It’s a beautiful feminine touch that looks great on so many different kinds of clothing. It can be worn either casually or formally, but either way, it's always chic.