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The Adolescent spring fashion guide: Fashion Week

Apr. 6, 2017
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How could we talk about spring fashion without looking at the highlights of Fashion Week?

2017 Spring/Summer Fashion Week demonstrated looks that were both charming and adventurous, much like the spirit of spring itself. There were no designers "playing it safe" on the runway; rather, most labels leaned full-tilt into the unknown, reveling in ruffles and frills on outfits that ranged from romantic to pirate-like. Some models sported blouses whose high collars and poofy sleeves hearkened back to Victorian fashions, whereas others were decked out in floor-length extravaganzas that were almost entirely see-through. Some especially daring designers managed to nod to both directions at the same time!

And the colors! The runways were resplendent with warm, earthy yellows and cool, salty blues—all saturated with a sense of outdoor adventure. Even the girliest, most delicate creations seemed tailor-made for frolicking through fields (or at least for posing dramatically at the edges of great bluffs overlooking the sea).

Let’s face it: this winter was especially long and hard, and we’re all just beginning to come back to life a little bit. This season’s designers are on the same page, and they designed us a wardrobe to match. Check out our favorite Fashion Week looks below.

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