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Fashion The Adolescent spring fashion guide: designers to watch

Apr. 11, 2017
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Fashion is always changing, and the it designers are as well. While we've all become accustomed to hearing about the same high-fashion brands, the times are a-changing: young, new and innovative designers are creating brands that are quickly taking over the fashion industry. Read about some of the most unique new designers below.  

1. Beaufille

via: Static1

The two sisters behind Beaufille--Chloe and Parris Gordon--come at fashion with a different approach. Armed with a double-dose of female gaze, the Gordon sisters seek to create looks that encompass both femininity and masculinity, and they make stunning contemporary looks that are beautiful both on and off the catwalk.

2. Vejas

via: Vogue

Hey, adolescents: Vejas Kruszewski is one of us! At just 19 years old, the Canadian designer is upending fashion-industry norms left and right with clothes that manage to find a balance between sophistication and edge. His clean and fashion-forward looks accomplish what many big clothing companies are trying to do today--but better, and before they get a chance to do it themselves.

3. Katie Ermilio

via: Vogue

Katie Ermilio is slightly older than most of us at the ripe age of 28, but her love of fashion began at only 12. Her brand incorporates unusual fabrics into timeless designs, and each look is completely detail-oriented. Every outfit she has debuted has been carefully thought-out, beautifully-constructed, and completely fashionable.

4. Moses Gauntlett Chen

via: GauntlettCheng

The three young designers at the helm of this brand all met while doing the same internship--how cool is that? Their clothes have a uniquely homemade vibe, and the overall effect is both vulnerable and powerful.

5. Caitlin Price

via: Vogue

Caitlin Price is 29 years old and already taking the high-fashion world by storm with her ready-to-wear comfort looks and athletic outfits. Her work manages to be colorful and vibrant while still looking sophisticated and modern. Not that we're surprised--who knows how to multitask better than a millennial?