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The Adolescent spring fashion guide: color schemes

Apr. 10, 2017
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Spring is a beautiful time for colors--which makes it the perfect time to experiment with color in your wardrobe. The best spring color combinations embrace contradiction: whimsical yet edgy; innocent and fashionable; delicate yet exciting. There are so many fun and sweet color schemes that make every spring outfit interesting and fashion-forward. Below are a few of this season's most chic color combos. 

1. Blue and White

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This is probably the most ‘in’ color combination on this list. The trend of mixing blue and white is very of-the-moment while still feeling timeless--a classic Spring look that makes outfits look more expensive and coordinated.

2. Blue and Beige

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If you're looking for something a little more assertive than blue and white, this might be the ticket. Blue is the perfect spring color, and beige clashes with it a little while still giving the feeling of a coordinated look. This color scheme is preppy and completely spring-oriented.

3. Blue and Yellow

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Yellow is one of the most daring colors, which makes it fantastic for an adventurous season like the springtime. And pairing it with blue denim is tres chic.

4. White, Blue, and Red

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Yes, these colors tend to harken to 4th-of-July fireworks displays, but you don't have to restrict the combo to the dog days of summer! When styled correctly, they can create the perfect spring day look. A little of each makes a beautiful combo with preppy and light additions.

5. Blue and Pink

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Why not lean into the spirit of the season? Blue and pink are arguably the two most spring-like colors--and, fittingly, they're perfect together. United, they reflect both femininity and edge.

6. Pink and White

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There's something timeless about pink and white together, and it's not hard to understand why. This innocent and classy combo creates for a charming and appealing outfit. It’s gentle, with just the right pop of color, and can work for any occasion.