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Take 5: all the news you need to know this week 8.25

Aug. 25, 2017
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Happy Friday! Here are the top five things you need to know to stay informed: 

  1. Get Ready Swifties! Taylor is Releasing her 6th Album!!!

After a long break from the public, winning her trial for $1 against David Mueller, the man who sexually assaulted her, and deleting every post on her social media accounts, Taylor is finally coming back! And thank goodness for that, how else are we supposed to get through hard breakups, back to school season, and long days at work? The album is titled Reputation, and is supposedly a hit back at the media for the way they have portrayed Ms. Swift. We cannot wait to hear this album that is sure to be filled with relatable lyrics and catchy tunes, but for the meantime plan on constantly jamming to the first single she dropped last night.

     2. Florida Executed Inmate for the First Time with New Drug

On a much less joyful note, Florida executed an inmate, the first time in 18 months, using a lethal injection that had not yet been used in the United States until now. According to officials, Mark Asay was executed without any incident, on Thursday evening. He did not show any sign of pain, and was allegedly calm the morning of his execution. Asay was 53 years old, and found guilty of two murders from 1987 in Jacksonville. Two other drugs were mixed with the etomidate; rocuronium bromide, and potassium acetate prior to its administration to Asay.

    3. White House Shows off Renovations

A team of 200 people worked on renovating the West Wing of the White House, due to “much needed” work according to Trump, via Twitter. During the renovations, Trump was residing in Bedminster, New Jersey, for a working vacation. The overworked HVAC systems were replaced, and woodworking, along with paint changes and refreshed flooring. There were many cosmic adjustments along with the many bigger changes. Obama approved of these changes, before he left office, and Trump has enjoyed a 17 day break, that he stated was not a break at all, again, via Twitter. 

    4. Amazon to Lower Whole Foods Prices

Amazon’s deal with Whole Foods is closing, a 13 billion dollar purchase, and now it seems that some changes are to be made. The most significant adjustment so far, has been the announcement that Amazon intends to lower prices of the upscale grocer. Amazon’s chief executive, Mr. Bezos has been willing in the past to lose money and disappoint shareholders, if it means challenging competitors.

    5. Sierra Mudslides Escalating

More than 3,000 people lost their homes and at least 500 people have been killed in last week’s mudslide, which took place in Sierra Leone. More than 810 people are still missing, many of which are children. A senior official with the country’s national emergency services, Vandy Rogers, said the number of people directly affected by the disaster was around 6,000. To help, you can donate to site such as this one