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Your May 31 news briefing

May. 31, 2017
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Take a minute in the middle of your week to catch up on some current events:

1. Bombing In Kabul Leaves at Least 80 Dead

Early Wednesday in Kabul, Afghanistan a truck bombing took place in close proximity to the Afghan presidential palace. This deadly bombing left at least 80 people dead, and wounded hundreds. The death count is certain to rise heavily, and this attack seems to be one of the worst and most tragic of the long Afghan war.

2. Tragedy Strikes in Manchester Bombing

On the 22nd of May, 2017, disaster hit Manchester. Pop singer Ariana Grande was performing a concert as part of her Dangerous Woman tour at the Manchester arena. As Grande finished her performance, a bomb went off, and 22 victims died. All 22 of those victims have been identified...

3. Purpose of Prison

Mass incarceration has a long and disputed history, but the fundamental questions of what prison is, are even older. When we perceive a person as greedy or heinous, we take pleasure in knowing that they’re going to suffer. The crime they are accused of becomes their defining personality trait, they’re defining life moment, and it is very hard to look past it...