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Take 5: all the news you need to know to stay informed this week 8.18.17

Aug. 18, 2017
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Another week draws to a close, and with it another seven days’ worth of current events. This week’s share of the never-ending news cycle has been filled with some pretty dramatic updates, but don’t waste your time sifting through long articles. 

Here are the top five things you need to know to stay informed: 

  1. Barcelona Terrorist Attack Kills at Least 13 

A car rammed into the touristy Barcelona neighborhood of Las Ramblas on Thursday morning, leaving 80 injured and at least 13 dead. There hasn’t been such a gruesome terrorist attack in Spain since 2004. Two suspects were arrested, but the Barcelona police don’t believe either of them was the driver

       2. Taylor Swift Wins Court Case

International pop icon Taylor Swift won her long trial in Denver and gained her symbolic $1 in damages. David Mueller, a former radio host for KYGO, sued Swift after he was fired from his job due to allegations of groping the superstar. As a response to this, Swift filed her own case, suing Mueller for assault and battery. To drive home the principle of her lawsuit, Swift only asked for a single dollar, in comparison to Mueller’s hefty $3 million. Her win will serve as an example to girls around the world. 

        3. Charlottesville Rally

A white nationalist rally in Charlottesville resulted in the death of a woman and left at least 19 others injured. Trump responded to the bloodshed by saying that “both sides” were responsible, but this response didn’t denounce racism or white nationalism in any way, shape, or form. White supremacist leaders, including former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, have offered Trump praise and encouragement for his “honesty.” 

        4. Sierra Leone Mudslides Kill Over 330 People

You can see headlines tackling every trauma going on in Europe and the U.S., but Sierra Leone’s devastating mudslides aren’t seeing enough coverage in the news world. Over 330 lives have been claimed due to mudslides on the outskirts of the capital. More rain is predicted, which raises the risk of more landslides. Out of the 330 deceased, 122 were children. 

       5. Eclipse is Almost Here

On a much brighter note amidst the chaos, the “eclipse of the century” will be taking place on August 21st. For those who want to see the cosmic event firsthand, there are maps showing which cities the eclipse will pass through. Many have taken road trips and flights to reach destinations like these in order to see this extraordinary event in person. The solar eclipse will go on to be studied for ages by scientists who are already gearing up for the colossal moment.