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Le Brocoli [SHORT FILM]

Oct. 29, 2018
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Le Brocoli [SHORT FILM]

This is a film about a girl and a head of broccoli: its history, its power, its meaning. What can the broccoli say? What does it represent? 

brocoli (broccoli)

a vegetable; to france, again and again: thanks catherina (mme. medici). 
too many eyes, lost in forever. a priest—still in pajamas. 
morning’s over, it’s all gone, the green and the grief, once and for all again. again!
a vegetable, a model, and a camera—that’s all we’ll ever need.

but make sure she always says hello—
—bonjour napoleon! godard: silence magnifique; all the best—to you and your italic daydreams.

brocoli lost, brocoli won.
they have an answer: the vegetable, les légumes. la lingua franca. le légume franca. 
merci, brocoli. tu as mon chéri, mon amor: je t’aime.

short film and words by joji baratelli