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Entertainment Emma Kaufman: self portrait

Aug. 17, 2017

Growing up as an only child has made me independent and mature. I am the youngest in my entire family, so I have always been surrounded by adults my entire life. Being surrounded by older people has made me feel more grown-up and responsible. Since I have never spent much time around people around my age—other than my friends—I have always felt independent and alone. 

In my series of self-portraits, I captured my maturity and independence in a very serious way. In a few of my photographs, I tried to portray both sides of myself: I am still a kid, yet I feel more mature than my age, and I’ve tried to represent that duality in these pictures.

The seriousness of my photos comes from the lighting and and from my facial expressions, which are meant to convey my emotions and where I stand in the world I live in. My photos are generally pretty dark, which adds to the loneliness and seriousness I am portraying. Overall, this series deals with something that I never really talk about but which has been—and will be—with me forever.