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Attire: Marco

Nov. 6, 2017
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Attire: Marco

Your wardrobe can say a lot about you if you want it to, and what you want to say via your attire can change as often as the tides flow if you wish. Some may express their sexuality and some may wish to hide it, and some may wish to dress vibrantly while others may want to adorn themselves all in black. Whatever the case, your taste in wardrobe is personal, and no one can or should ever tell you otherwise.  

In the latest installment of Genevieve Nollinger's Attire series, we meet Marco, a self-described "angel and pretend cowboy" whose tastes range from white lace dresses and fluffy pink fur coats to fringed suede jackets and cozy raccoon caps.  "I definitely dress to be perceived as stronger and more masculine sometimes," Marco explains. "Everything I wear is kind of vulnerable, and that's how I'm showing that I'm feeling strong."

Check out Marco's style in the video above, and tell us how you attire yourself in the comments!