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Attire: Issy

Apr. 24, 2017
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Attire: Issy

How much thought do you put into your wardrobe? Do you rummage through thrift-store dollar bins or shop at the finest of online boutiques? Do you just throw on an outfit and head out the door? Or do you pore over your garments for hours every morning, determined to choose just the right ensemble to represent your essence to the world as you go about your day?

Whatever your modus operandi, we can probably all agree that personal style is  highly, well, personal--it's sort of a referendum on how you want strangers to see you and what you think is important about your personality. Genevieve Nollinger's new series Attire is all about how we make these choices and why--starting with her first guest: Issy Chung, a self-described "young L.A.-based Asian-American art kid."

Over the course of four minutes, Issy takes us on a journey through his wardrobe, revealing a collection of clothes that run the gamut from button-downs to corsets. "There's not really a gender to me, and I think it shows in my clothing," he says. But one thing is for certain: his point of view comes through loud and clear.

Check out the video and tell us how you attire yourself in the comments!