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100% Half [short film]

Sep. 10, 2018
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100% Half [short film]

We're so excited to premiere short film "100% Half": a film about the dichotomy of being mixed race, navigating your identity, and making it in Hollywood. 

After a half Japanese high school student gets stuck on a college application essay, she reflects on a series of auditions to not only answer the question but also come to terms with her cultural identity.

For me, I have struggled with my bicultural identity. I’m either too Asian or not Asian enough. "100% Half" is inspired by true events and explores the complexities of identity from my own point of view. 

Starring Rachel Michiko WhitneyOlivia SuiCole ShoemakerDrew Bell, and Melina Bielfelt
Directed by Naomi Sedgwick
Written, Edited, and Produced by Rachel Michiko Whitney & Naomi Sedgwick
Cinematography by Hana Kitasei
Original Music by Hiko Momoji